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VulkanBet Esports Betting

Even before esports became a worldwide phenomenon, we were offering the chance to bet on them: VulkanBet was one of the first online sportsbooks to offer esports betting. We have been offering a licensed service for many years: our Curacao license enables us to offer our services legally in large part of the world. The diversity we offer in sports betting also applies to esports bets, and our members can take advantage of all the benefits of Vulkanbet betting. These include:

  • We offer lots of betting markets. In addition to the outcome of matches or tournaments, you can try your luck for any outcome that can happen in a match.
  • We cover many esports events. The International, PGL Major, ESL Pro, MLBB Pro League: you can find these events and much more at Vulkanbet.
  • We always offer the highest odds. We always offer our members the best possible odds and enable them to maximize their winning potential.
  • You can place live bets and enjoy live streams. You can place both pre-match & live bets and watch a match you bet live.
  • Fast and practical esports betting online. We have designed our site to provide an easy and practical experience on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • We have lots of bonuses for esport betting. Both our new and existing members can benefit from numerous bonuses with fair terms.

VulkanBet Esports Betting Options

We can define esports simply as PC, console, and mobile games with competitive features. If a game allows you to challenge other players and play real-time matches, it may be the subject of esports. While the most common examples are FPS games like CS:GO, Overwatch, and Rainbow Six; RTS, DOTA, and even card games can fall into this category. The fact that the matches are held in digital arenas is the most important difference compared to traditional sports: esports does not need a stadium. Any space with a set of computers together is sufficient for esports, and players can even join matches from their homes.

All esports games have local and global leagues. You can bet on all these leagues at Vulkanbet online sportsbook. For example:

  • DOTA 2 (The International)
  • CS:GO (Majors)
  • Fortnite (Fortnite Champion Series)
  • League of Legends (MLBB Pro League)
  • Overwatch (Overwatch League)
  • Rainbow Six (Six Invitational)

These are just examples: we support many events such as ESL ONE, DreamHack, ESL PRO, PGL and let you bet not only on popular esports but also on exotic games. For example, at Vulkan Bet, you can also bet on games such as WarCraft 3, Rocket League, Starcraft II, King of Glory, and Valorant. If a game has global recognition, you can be sure that there will be a chance to bet on both its local and global leagues.

It is possible to bet on all these events both before and during the match. In pre-match bets, you can bet until the match starts. You know what the odds will be before the event starts, and you just need to wait until it ends. In live bets, you are allowed to bet between the start and end of the match. While the general purpose and types of bets are the same, live bets have dynamic odds and may be more advantageous for experienced bettors. This is because a sudden development in the game (i.e., exclusion of a player) may change all odds and create new opportunities.

How to Bet on Esports at VulkanBet

To place a bet at Vulkanbet online bookmaker, you must first create an account and make your first deposit. Let’s explain step by step:

  • Click the “registration” button on our homepage;
  • Enter your email, choose your currency, and set your password (you can also use your social media accounts if you want);
  • That’s all: You can log in to your account by pressing the “login” button on the home page and using your credentials.

The next step is to have an active balance by making a deposit and activating your welcome bonus. You can also complete this in a few simple steps.

  • Login to your account and open your profile page (click on your avatar in the upper right corner);
  • In the “Wallet” tab, select the deposit option;
  • Choose a payment method and enter the deposit amount;
  • Click the “Pay” button.

Don’t forget to check our current promotions before you start: we may be offering a bonus for your first deposit. You can start playing right away with your deposit and bonus. To do this:

  • On our “Esports” page, select a game from the list on the left;
  • Select an event/tournament from the drop-down list;
  • In the middle of the screen, you will see the details of the event you selected and the betting options (with odds). Choose one or make multiple selections;
  • Enter your bet amount to the bet slip on the right corner and click the “place bet” button.

With our high odds and advantageous bonuses, we are sure you will start winning in no time. So, how will you withdraw your earnings?

  • Enter your profile page again and select the withdrawal option from the wallet tab;
  • Choose a payment method and enter the amount of money you want to withdraw;
  • Complete the transaction.

The payment period will vary depending on the method you choose, but in any case, you can be sure that it will be completed as soon as possible. You can reach our customer service 24/7 for all your questions and problems. Some of the esports betting types we offer at Vulkan Bet include:

  1. Match Winner: A simple bet about which team/player will win the match.
  2. Outright Bets: A bet about which team will win a specific event/tournament.
  3. Map Winner: This bet is about which team/player will win a specific map. The final result of the match does not matter.
  4. Over/Under: A bet that the result of the match will be above or below a certain value.
  5. Kill Count: This bet asks you to guess which team/player will get the most kills in a match or map.

Take Advantage of the Best Odds & Online Betting Offers

Now it is your time to shine: create an account at Vulkanbet, pick your favorite esports team, and monetize your knowledge. Don’t forget to claim your welcome pack too: we offer an advantageous bonus to all new members. We support the largest number of esports and offer the best odds for them all: don’t miss this opportunity. We will be happy to see you among us: welcome to Vulkanbet esport betting!